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Welcome to 2.0.

The last time we were here, we had a devoted but ultimately painstaking format where we read every story and reviewed it. While we like to believe we neared 95% literary integrity with this model, the best we could do was provide 1-2 featured ebooks weekly. In the end, ObscureWriter had to close due to slow updates. It wasn’t fair to visitors who wanted new content, and it helped a microscopic number of talented writers.

Our new approach encourages writers to send samples of their work, and brief descriptions we can provide to our e-book readers. To make our posts stand out on search engines, we ask that writers kindly provide original summaries of their works.

In addition to showcasing undiscovered modern writers, we’ll also be offering a wide array of past obscure works, other highly unusual books, and reading devices. With your occasional patronage we will be able to keep at least 20-30 new titles arriving each week.

Thank you so much for visiting again and we will have our first titles in soon.

Lionel Houde

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